Abstracts submission and poster guidelines

The participants are invited to submit an abstract with a description of their research work (Abstract-template-NYM2018) as well as a personal data sheet (Ficha personal-NYM2018). Only original research can be submitted and must be written in English. The selected abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts of the NYM16. Please see abstract submission deadline.

Posters guidelines: The maximum size of the posters should not exceed 120×90 cm (height x width).


Topic groups and topics


  • Pressure and osmotic driven processes for liquid separations
  • Gas and vapour separations, pervaporation and membrane distillation
  • Electrochemical membrane processes and alternative membrane separation processes

*Emphasis is put in fundamentals, characterisation and performance of the membrane technology


  • Membranes in the process industry and biomedical applications
  • Environmental applications and potabilization
  • Membranes for energy and CO2 capture

**Emphasis is put in the specific application and the roll of the membrane inside the process


  • Membrane formation and surface modification
  • Membrane fouling, cleaning and ageing
  • Modelling and simulation

*** Emphasis is put in complementary techniques of the membrane field

Participants must choose two topics (in order of preference) that should be from  different topic groups. Topics will be specified when sending the abstract and personal profile

Note: participant can be reallocated and topics and topic groups modified

Please, send your abstract and personal profile to nym16@upv.es

Selected abstracts will be shown at NYM16 as both short oral and poster presentation