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PROMETEO (membrane Processes, Treatment of Liquid Effluents and Optimization) research group is constituted at present by 16 university lecturers, 2 laboratory technicians and 8 research fellows. From more than 25 years ago, its activity has focused on the investigation of solutions to treat liquid effluents, based principally on the application of membrane technology. Other research fields include the application of membrane technology to different industrial sectors, its combination with other processes, modelling and simulation of membrane processes, research on membrane fouling and cleaning and the elaboration and modification of membranes. The group has continuous exchange with entities and companies of different productive sectors such as textile, tannery, petrochemical, metallurgic, ceramic and food industries as well as with different entities related to the market of water treatment and supply.


29 September 2017
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4 December 2017
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26 April 2018
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9-13 July 2018

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