We are proud to announce the 16th NYM (Network Young Membrains) 2018 conference.

NYM16 is a conference specifically conceived for young researchers working on membrane science and technology at universities, in research centres or in industries.

NYM16 will be held at Valencia (Spain) from 5-7 July, just before the Euromembrane 2018 Conference. Click here to learn more about Valencia.

NYM16 will include a series of oral presentations with invited speakers, keynote presentations, oral/poster sessions and social events that will serve to share knowledge and experiences and to establish new contacts and collegues, creating opportunities for international networking

Organizing committee:

José M. Serra (ITQ, UPV)

José Gozálvez Zafrilla (ISIRYM, UPV)

Asunción Santafé Moros (ISIRYM, UPV)

Eva Ferrer Polonio (ISIRYM, UPV)

Mª José Luján Facundo (ISIRYM, UPV)

Carlos Carbonell Alcaina (ISIRYM, UPV)

José Luis Soler Cabezas (ISIRYM, UPV)

David Catalán Martínez (ITQ, UPV)

María Balaguer Ramírez (ITQ, UPV)

Sonia Escolástico Rozalen (ITQ, UPV)

Sara Escorihuela Roca (ITQ, UPV)